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It is that time of year again!!!! Come take a look at the new mowers on the showroom floor!!!

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Dobos Lawnmower has just added Ethanol Free Gas to our inventory. The Ethanol Free Gas is Octane 89 and available for your use with all of your Ethanol Free needs. In addition, we carry Gas Cans and other items to assist you in using Ethanol Free Gas. Come on in and grab a can and gas!!!!

Come on in to Dobos and check out our select sales on Toro and Cub Cadet Zero Turns and Tractors. Our year end specials are just what you are looking for on our select Toro and Cub Cadet mowers!!   


Welcome to Dobos Lawnmower Sales and Service. Our family owned and operated store will give you the sales, service and knowledge which you will not get anywhere else. A large store doesn’t have the resources to make your yard look the special way you desire. Any needs whether lawn equipment, handheld power tools, parts or service, please contact us. We will provide the sale of your new mower, set-up, (delivery if needed) and a long service relationship for your new piece of yard equipment. You can only find this quality and relationship here at Dobos Lawnmower Sales and Service. Your lawn care matters to us.

At Dobos Lawnmower Sales and Service we want you to know we have the mower you are looking for. Have you ever seen the smooth soft green cut of a beautiful manicured lawn? How the grass changes in the wild moment of a couple days of growth to the moment where your lawn looks like a carpet. You just want your bare feet walking through the grass. Dobos knows what it takes for this to happen.

And better yet, we know the edges of your lawn. We understand the outer edge and the places that get a little out of hand. We can help you there too. Your lawn goes from just there to “My lawn matters.”

But there are professionals looking for a cut above in their competition, we take that to another level too. Our Commercial Equipment is just what you need to get the cut you are looking for.

And what makes Dobos Lawnmower Sales and Service different? We are there for you. Early morning assistance to get you into your day. And even late in the day.

Toro, Cub and Stihl make a lawn different.

A yard experience doesn’t happen in a box store, it happens at Dobos Lawnmower Sales and Service where the yard is the priority.

Whether you are looking for a mower to take care of your yard at your house or you have a business which requires the design of a commercial mower, Dobos Lawnmower Sales and Service has it.

Before falling in love with a mower because of price, we make sure you know what you need for your lawn as you will be using your lawnmower every week all season long.

The size, shape and design of your lawn will dictate which kind of mower best fits you. Here at Dobos Lawnmower Sales and Service we understand lawns and what it takes to make your lawn better than all the rest.

A push mower is great for small yards however, a riding lawn mower is appropriate for both a medium and large lawn. Stop in to Dobos Lawnmower Sales and Service show room and let one of our experienced staff help you find the best mower for your needs.

But I will tell you this, Dobos changed my lawn. They made me a customer.  The web page I do for fun!!

Please feel free to apply for financing online!